This is the tale of a man who has yet to realize what his destiny is.

Far in the future, a young boy named Simon digs holes in an underground settlement called Giha Village. With his older brother figure Kamina and a young woman named Yoko who’s fallen underground from the surface, the three set out to pursue their dreams of the surface world. As the group makes new friends, they are joined by a mecha in the shape of a face called Lagann. Together, they set out for Teppelin—the headquarters of the Spiral King, the king of the beastmen and ruler of the surface world.

After overcoming intense battles with the Spiral King, humans, now having regained control of the surface world, are faced yet again with another unknown enemy. To save humanity from this predicament of absolute despair and hopelessness, Simon and Team Dai-Gurren push their way through the galaxies for a heroic fight.
The 15th anniversary project to celebrate the movie releases of GURREN LAGANN is now here!

GURREN LAGANN (aired from April to September 2007) was Director Hiroyuki Imaishi’s (known for PROMARE, KILL la KILL, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) first TV anime series. The series won the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award; with a striking style of direction and unforgettable dialogue, the series captivated and charmed audiences in Japan and abroad. The first film premiered in 2008, with all the lines re-recorded and new scenes added to release as GURREN LAGANN THE MOVIE -Childhood’s End- and later in 2009 with GURREN LAGANN THE MOVIE -The Lights in the Sky Are Stars-.

Kazuki Nakashima, known for his work on PROMARE, KILL la KILL, and Batman Ninja, worked on the screenplay while Atsushi Nishigori was responsible for character design. The mecha designs were brought to audiences by genius You Yoshinari.

In addition to bringing back GURREN LAGANN THE MOVIE -Childhood’s End- and GURREN LAGANN THE MOVIE -The Lights in the Sky Are Stars- to theaters again, this project will, for the first time ever, see the movies come to audiences in 4D.